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01.Misc Minimum Labor
02.Lume Job Basic (Lume placed over existing Lume markers)
03.Water Proof Testing up to 200 Meters (660 feet)
04.Lume Job Supreme with Superluminova
05.Water Proof Testing up to 100 Meters (330 feet)
06.Cyclops Remove / re-install and align Crystal
07.Install Date Wheel with Lume Job
08.Pearl Mod Ultimate for Ceramic Sub & Deep Sea (sapphire lens)
09.116610LN Ceramic Sub Pearl mod - Sapphire Lens & Superluminova
10.BK Date Wheel Overlay
Terms and Conditions HEADING_TITLE

Terms are fairly simple.



Payments I accept:  PayPal, Credit cards including Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

When making payment by PayPal fee free to use the order number but make no reference of any kind referring to watches, or "fake" etcetera.  I trust I do not need to explain why.


If you are in the US then I will ship either Priority Mail or Express Mail, your choice.  I have great third party insurance so if you want insurance please request it. I absolve myself of any liability whatsoever should you choose not to insure inbound parcels coming to me or outbound parcels going to you.  If you are outside of the US then the preferred method of shipping is USPS Priority Mail International or Express Mail International.  Insurance is recommended but again, it is your choice.  I do not assume assume any customs risk whatsoever when sending parcels abroad.  I prefer to mark customs forms with your country as the country of origination which avoids customs duties and most "Imperial Entanglements".  The item is marked as a serviced or repaired watch which is usually enough to get it through with out issue.

If you are in Italy I highly recommend Express Mail if you want to be sure of getting your parcel.


This is a no-screwing zone.  I will under no circumstances ever try to screw you so please do not try to screw me.  I want you to be happy and do everything I can to make sure you are, but there are a few people out there who expect a level of quality that just doesn't exist in reps, try as we might.  To those few, and you know who you are, I recommend you visit the AD since nothing less is likely going to do it for you.  If you have an issue with any work I have don't hesitate to contact me.  I will do what I can to make it right.  You are responsible for shipping cost to get the item to me but if for any reason I have to perform a redo or have missed some detail, then I will cover the shipping to get the item back to you.


I reserve the right to to refuse work from anyone for any reason.  I do this for fun and for furtherance of this hobby, and also as a way of giving back to the community which has made it possible for me to enjoy a great many watches I would have otherwise not be able to enjoy.